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History through the ages

by Charlotte Riley


History is like going into another world

Where legends of kings are unfurled

So travel with me

Through the French Dynasty

Where we shall meet the short man Napoleon

Nah let’s go to a Mongolian

Place where Genghis Khan resides

With his army under tented hides

Then we shall go see Billy the Kid

And right after that we shall get rid

Of that English monster Jack the Ripper

And kill him with a kipper

Now let’s go see Abraham Lincoln

Who is quite surely thinkin’

How to abolish slavery

I admire him for his bravery

Oh and look over there it’s Elizabeth the first

Boy she really looks like she’s going to burst

After eating all that luxurious food

Oh my she just burped, how very rude

Now we shall go visit Henry Third

My oh my, he’s such a nerd

Quickly let’s go and see Julius Caesar

Who is really quite the crowd pleaser

And Leonardo Da Vinci is painting the Mona Lisa

Let us watch him and eat some pizza

So now we should go see famous Socrates

Boy, I think he should watch more comedies

Alas, now our journey has come to an end

Hopefully I will get to see you ‘round the bend

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