Poem of the Day


The Moomins

 by Virginia Lowe


Rebecca had a book about

The Moomins young and old,

So she took it to her mother

And the story she was told

Of Snuffkin Sniff and Moomintroll

And the Hobgoblin’s Hat

Hattifattiners and Hemul

Snork Maiden and Muskrat.


When that book was finished

(Many chapters, and all long)

She took her pocket money

And went shopping with a song.

She bought a new red plastic case

Then found to her delight

That she could buy another book

To start that very night!


In this one Sniff (Rebecca)

Heard of comets and a cave

Discovered long mysterious paths

And with crocodiles was brave.

When this book too was finished ‑

As all good books must be ‑

We re‑read umpteen chapters

Till saved by the Tooth Fair‑y.


Who left a useful thirty cents

(And also dropped the tooth).

So to the Sunflower after school

They went, to find the truth

About Moomintroll’s new journeys

And where has Snuffkin gone?

Moominsummer Madness

Will fill evenings from now on.



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