Poem of the Day



by Lynelle Kendall


Arc of horizon

Sea hugging land

The shape of myself

I leave in the sand


Hollow of woomera

Line of my spear

Poised over ocean

Sparkling clear


Shapeshifting shadows

Shimmer of scales

Strike fast as lightning

Timber shaft sails


Cuts through the water

Whoop with delight

We’ll eat barramundi

For dinner tonight.



  • Submitted to Poetry Prompt #3


Lynelle says: Written in response to Poetry prompt #3 “Shapes”, the third and fourth lines of the poem refer to the U symbol that represents a person in traditional indigenous dot paintings. It is based on my experience at Daliwuy Bay in Arnhem Land, where I watched a boy fishing with his spear in the shallows. In his language – Yolŋu Matha – guya means fish.

9 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Enjoyed your almost painterly observation and easy unlaboured rhyme.Thanks for shared experience,Lynnelle.Anne

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