Poem of the Day



by Joanne Pummer


Who shot Sooty?

”I did,” cried Ellie. ”With a little gun

I shot Sooty.”


Who found  the gun?

”I did,” said Ellie. ”In my Mummy’s purse

I found the gun.”


Who squeezed trigger?

”I did,” sobbed Ellie.

”I squeezed the trigger.”


Why did you squeeze it?

”I wanted to play.

That’s why I squeezed it.”


Who heard the shot?

”I did,” said Mum.

”I ran and I ran when I heard the shot.”


Who bought the gun?

”I did,” said Dad.

”I bought the gun.”


Why did you buy it?

”To keep us all safe.

That’s why I bought it.”


Who saw the blood?

”I did,” said James.

”I saw Sooty’s blood.”


Who kissed his forehead?

“I did,” said James.

”I kissed his soft black fur.”


We hugged and we cried when they carried off Sooty.


”Wait,” said the gun.

”I shot Sooty. With my little bullets

I shot Sooty.”


Did you scream, did you shout when the shot rang out?

Did you cry, did you call when you saw Sooty fall?


”No,” said the gun.

”I’m not like you.

I only do what I was made to do.”


Author comment: I wrote Who Shot Sooty?’ on the spur of the moment when I saw in a news item that the National Rifle Association in the US have written a children’s book.




2 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. Joanne. I have just found this site and been reading a few of the poems. I love how you were inspired to write this poem. Wouldn’t it be wonderful If the Americans decided to abolish the 2nd amendment of their Constitutional Bill of rights ‘To bear arms in a lawful manner with regard to self protection!’ What about the protection of their young children? They have no knowledge of a law that says ‘Keep a gun in the house just in case!’ all they see is a gun to play cowboy’s with (or the bad men verses the good man!) So many young children have died by accident in this way. It is just crazy. Well written Joanne

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