Poem of the Day


One Little Raindrop


One little raindrop

Arrives on my nose

Dangles a moment

Then splashes my toes


Slides down my pinkie

Lands on the grass

Washes a blade so

It glimmers like glass


One little raindrop

Joins with its mates

A cackling creek

That skitters and skates


On through the forests

And meadows it snakes

Merges with rivers

That pour into lakes


One little raindrop

Drawn out to sea

Plays with the dolphins

A long way from me


Out comes the sunshine

Blazing and high

Hauls up that raindrop

Far into the sky


One little raindrop

Now it’s a cloud

Here is the thunder

Looming and loud


Quick! Run for shelter

Before the storm blows

As one little raindrop

Arrives on my nose

Sharon Hammad
  • Sharon says: I wrote it in response to Poetry Prompt #15 ‘In Winter’ during the Big Wet Weekend we had recently. I was thinking about how to explain the water cycle to children.Poetry Prompt15


3 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. I felt your poem ably fulfilled the significant challenge you set yourself, Sharon: consistent rhymes, accessible vocabulary, logical development and a fitting conclusion. Well done!

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