Poem of the Day


Drum practice


The walls are pulsating,

the floor is vibrating,

I feel so awake and on fire.

Every thump, every boom

coming out of my room

has that wonderful power to inspire.

I love all the smashing,

the pounding, the crashing,

the air in my bedroom is ringing.

All the houses around

are alive with my sound,

every dog in the neighborhood’s singing.

From my window I see

people waving at me,

their heads are all nodding and shaking.

Every fist that they raise

is in obvious praise

of the marvelous music I’m making.

Now they’ve formed into groups,

into synchronized troops.

They must really love what I’m playing.

They’re stomping their feet

right in time with the beat.

I just wish I could hear what they’re saying.

Jenny Erlanger


First published in Countdown Magazine 2008


4 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. You have hit the nail on the head. We have several neighbours who generously share their choice of “music” with those around.
    Not as funny as your clever poem!

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