Poem of the Day


A Girl’s Head

(after the poem, ‘A Boy’s Head’ by Miroslav Holub)


In it there is a dream

that was started

before she was born,


and there is a globe

with hemispheres

which shall be happy.


There is her own spacecraft,

a chosen dress

and pictures of her friends.


There are shining rings

and a maze of mirrors.


There is a diary

for surprise occasions.


There is a horse springing hooves

across the sky.


There is a sea

that tides and swells

and cannot be mapped.


There is untold hope

in that no equation exactly

fits a head.

Katherine Gallagher

(from Poetry Street 3 (Sale & Orme, 1991),

  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #19


Poetry Prompt #18Katherine said: Looking back at Poetry Prompts, I thought about #19 with its buzz of questions. And I alighted on questions about what goes on in a girl’s head. Actually, I wrote this in response to Miroslav Holub’s poem ‘A Boy’s Head’. The thing about poetry, it usually asks more questions than it answers, but that’s useful.









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