Poem of the Day


The Corkscrew


Rattle, rattle, off we go.

At last we start the ride

and even now my stomach’s jumping

up and down inside.

Clackety – clack, we’re climbing up,

right up into the sky.

We’re at the top, I’m shaking now,

I know I’m going to die!

I grab the sides and close my eyes,

I’m really scared to death.

I scream, I yell the whole way down

till I run out of breath.

My eyes are sore, my mouth is dry,

my stomach leaps and churns.

My head is knocked from side to side

with all the twists and turns.

And all my little inside bits

are tangled like spaghetti.

I’m prickling almost everywhere,

my hands are cold and sweaty.

The carriage stops, and out I hop

and maybe I’m insane  …

But I can’t wait to join the line

and do that ride again!

 Jenny Erlanger


First published in “Giggles and Niggles”  (Haddington Press, 2007)

  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #39


Jenny said: This poem was inspired by the memory of my son’s reaction to his first roller coaster experience.  Having just told me that he’d felt like he was going to die, he begged me to let him have another ride.

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