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Eclectic Tastes


My sister Carissa likes classical music,

My brothers like hip-hop and rap.

My mum? She likes opera. My Dad likes the blues,

But me? I don’t know which to choose.


Aunt Paula likes pop, Uncle Jimmy likes jazz,

My cousins like country and folk.

My teacher likes techno, my mate likes reggae,

But me? Well, I really can’t say.


My Pa’s into punk. Granny loves rock and roll.

My Great Grandad says “Play honky tonk!”

My cat chooses Celtic, my dog likes to swing,

But me? I can’t choose what to sing.


I like a capella and garage and gospel,

And blue grass or even baroque.

A fan of all genres – this fact I can’t hide

Which is best? There’s no way I’ll decide.


Just look at my playlist, I’m not playing favourites

You could say I’ve got eclectic taste.

Force me to choose but you’ll have no success,

There’s no way I can say which is best.

Lynelle Kendall
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #23

Poetry Prompt #22

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