Poem of the Day




Will you come to lunch with me,

Upon the grass, beneath the tree?

Will you bring a mat for three,

And picnic ‘neath the sky?


Yes, I’ll come to picnic there.

The grass is green, the day is fair,

And then we’ll play without a care,

My two best friends and I.


I’ll bring the fruit and fairy bread,

Cool drinks and cups and (as you’ve said)

A mat with checks so bright and red,

To sit on ‘neath the sky.


We’ll feast and laugh and climb and run

Our picnic day will be such fun!

We’ll spin cartwheels and when we’re done

We’ll watch the clouds go by.


Then when the sun is sinking low

And stars are warming up their glow

Fold up the mat, it’s time to go

We’ll bid a fond goodbye.


Until we meet again my friend,

We’ll bid a fond goodbye.

Lynelle Kendall

Poetry Prompt #24


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