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Billy Bonder and the Beautiful Belly Button Bubbles


Billy Bonder often pondered

While sitting naval gazing

Just what it was about belly buttons

He found totally amazing


The button turned nothing on or off

It seemed to have no use

Perhaps he thought its purpose was

To stop his bum from coming loose


So finally he thought it time

To try and make a start

And find some useful purpose

For this lazy body part


It was all that Billy thought about

‘til it gave him tummy trouble

And then one day by accident

His belly button blew a bubble


The pity was for all concerned

That it seemed that at the start

The only way to blow a belly bubble

Was to counter balance with a fart


But Billy took the time to practice

Even Mum was tickled pink

When he blew beautiful belly bubbles

Without the noise or awful stink


With his special new found skill

Billy Bonder shot to fame

The beautiful belly button bubbles

Meant everybody knew his name


While it was an innovation

And quite startling and new

Billy realised he would be old news

In just a week (or maybe two)


And he was right, it wasn’t long

Before someone had him beat

Jenny Jones from Jonbley Junction

Could knit jumpers with her feet


So while the button did him proud

And brought Billy fleeting fame

His belly button could now retire

And start collecting lint again

Sioban Timmer
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #2


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