Poem of the Day



The class photo

The photo man’s getting quite hot in the face,

he really is looking a mess.

He’s spent a whole hour trying to get us in place

but he hasn’t had any success.


Annabelle’s tripped over Christopher’s chair

and Bethany’s started to bleat

’Cause Ben spat his chewing gum into her hair

after stomping on both of her feet.


Emma keeps poking her tongue out at Rose,

Alison’s taking a nap.

The girls in the front are adjusting their bows

and won’t keep their hands in their lap.


Tom’s spilled the drink he’s been secretly slurping

all over the back of my neck

and someone above me keeps farting and burping.

The photo man’s looking a wreck!


He’s glaring at me and I wish I could hide,

he’s just about out of his mind.

But it’s hard to keep both of my hands by my side

when I’m poked in the ribs from behind.


We’ve finally stopped all the wriggles and squeals

but I’m not sure the photo’s still on

’cause the photo man’s suddenly turned on his heels

And he’s packed up the camera and gone.

Jenny Erlanger
  •  Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #4


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