Poem of the Day


Astronaut Muddle


An astronaut spooned special pudding last night,

For Hamish, Ramona, Christina and Dwight.

The pudding had stardust and peppermint chips,

With jellybeans, chocolate and icicle tips.


The taste was delightful, the kids wanted more.

They licked all the bowls clean and ran to the store.

The astronaut followed, but fell in a puddle.

His head hit a rock and he said in a muddle –


“We need dusty stars, minty icicle beans,

A packet of chips with some pepper and greens.”

The kids crowded round him and said, “You’re confused,

What you need’s a doctor, your head is quite bruised!”


Lynette Oxley


  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #14

2 thoughts on “Poem of the Day

  1. I liked especially the way your poem flowed along, Lynette, and the transformation you devised for the pudding ingredients in the final verse.

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