A Casual Pick

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It all began with a casual pick

by the man sitting opposite me

on the train home last night

at first hardly noticeable

it grew to be a performance

involving both nostrils

which was quite a sight


Some efforts were hard fought

and were flicked triumphantly

to a growing mound on the floor

while others more sizeable

were rolled into balls and

thrown high up into the air

before being lovingly placed

in a brown bread sandwich


All this wasn’t appreciated

by the other passengers

who were mostly aghast

but then their noses

began to twitch as well

and some surreptitiously

had a bit of a pick

and soon the whole carriage

was furiously picking away


And then the man’s head

started to shrink right

before there very eyes

and it soon began to

resemble a withered prune

so they all stopped picking

and felt a little bit silly

and went back to fiddling

with their new digital devices

or gazing out the train window


Glen Ewing

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