Opening presents


Opening  presents



We place our gift in Grandpa’s hands,

he’s having so much fun.

He reads his card and then he stands

and hugs us, one by one.


He says he’s feeling very proud,

he says we’re all so dear.

and then he reads his card out loud

so everyone can hear.


The ribbon’s lovingly untied

then folded in his lap.

The sticky tape is slowly pried

from every paper flap.


And now it’s time for us to start.

We can’t wait any more.

We rip our wrappings wide apart

and drop them to the floor.


Our fumbling fingers tug at strings

to get to what we need.

We open up our pile of things

at record-breaking speed.


The day slips by, it isn’t fair!

Why must it go so fast?

I wish I had my Grandpa’s flair

for making moments last!

Jenny Erlanger


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