Two Christmases

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Grandma D has

A real pine Christmas Tree.

At the very top

A Silver Star of the Nativity.

On her mantelpiece

A Stable where Jesus was born.

Santa sacks hang waiting

For Christmas Morn.


Great Gran’s in a Home

They call it Aged Care

She’s wrinkly and bent,

It’s hard not to stare.

She’s Grandma D’s Mum.

She didn’t stay.

Pa just picked her up

To spend Christmas Day.


It was not the right day.

It was not Christmas Morn.

Wise Men still travelling.

Baby Jesus not born

Father Christmas still

At the Pole with his sleigh.

He leaves Christmas Eve,

To arrive Christmas Day



Great Gran’s 93

That’s awfully old

She really believes

Everything she is told.

She mutters and mumbles

Doesn’t call us by name.

But she buys great presents

… just the same.


With too much to drink

Grandparents talk funny

Making jokes about “Mum”

And spending her money.

If her old brain

Is so addled and queer

How come she could buy

All that food wine and beer?


Great Grandma’s mind

May have gone far away

But she’ll wake up alone

On the real Christmas Day.

Robyn Youl


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