Nature’s Colourful Preferences

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Nature’s Colourful Preferences


“Blue and green should not be seen

Without a colour in between;

And as for the clash of green and red,

Enough, I am sure, has now been said”;

But who will give this wisdom to Nature?

Or bravely try to correct the Creator?


Life on earth is so much richer

For its clash of colours; this a feature of

Identity, movement, and time passing; of

Family, food, and enemies pausing.


Blue & green and green & red

Are seen in life and everywhere,

From the depth of the oceans

To out among the stars.

What profusion and confusion of colours !


But this procedure is not wise

When we classify people by their shape and size,

And by the colour of their unclad skin:

That shows an intellect dismal and thin.


Let blue and green be seen in the sunlight;

And red and green go dancing as one.  Right !


Bridh Hancock


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