Tuckerbox Rocks

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Poor ole Rooster. Head on the block
Poor ole Rooster. Time for the wok
This be the year of the Dog off the Box
Twenty Eighteen the Tuckerbox Rocks

The blue gums are still growing
The Murrumbidgee is still flowing
There’s a dog while he’s waiting
A howling success he’s creating
Beneath that sunny sky
Along the road to Gundagai

Goodbye Rooster. You’ve been cool.
Time to chuck it in. Tuckerbox Rule.
Pee Mail the Trees. Pee Mail the Ground.
A’ peein’ and a’ weein’ in The Year of the Hound

Ghostly Nobby just blinks a bleary eye
Team’s still bogged just out from Gundagai
Bowyang Yorke can’t believe his luck
A’dancing with Mabel ‘cos the team is stuck

Matilda is a waltzing to a hip-hop beat
She sure is nimble on her tiny feet
Singin’ in the shade of that Coolabah tree
Won’t you come a Waltzing Matilda with me?
This is the year when the Tuckerbox Rocks
Dance in your shoes. Prance in your sox
Dance with the Dog whose real dinki di
He’s a’rollin’ and a’rockin’ down Gundagai.

Robyn Youl 2018.

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