“Grandpa’s farm” by Jenny Erlanger


Grandpa’s farm

My Grandpa rang this morning.

He’s just bought a farm, he said

and so I’ve started dreaming

of the fun that lies ahead.

I see myself with bottles

helping feed the baby lambs,

I’m saddling up the ponies,

catching yabbies in the dams.

I glimpse a pretty orchard

filled with trees for me to climb –

the apples smell delicious

so it must be picking time.

I hear a rooster crowing

as it struts amongst the chooks

near a cosy little cottage

like the ones in picture books…

But now the vision’s fading

thanks to what I’ve just been told.

My dreams of country living

I may have to put on hold.

I won’t be catching yabbies,

won’t be riding through the scrub.

My Grandpa’s little farm is…

just some worms inside a tub!

Jenny Erlanger 

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