“Lying in the Sun” by Jan Darling

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It was in my fifth year of being on earth

That eating three horses expanded my girth.

Not eating those horses just any old way

I ate three of those horses every day.

They weren’t real horses – I’m not that mad

They were marzipan horses, it was just a fad.

They were made in a hurry with carrots from Perth

And served on a dish with laughter and mirth. 


I lived in a Palace (that’s why I’m called Alice)

Friends never thought about me with malice.

I had hundreds of dresses and bags full of hats 

I wrapped them in cheese, they were eaten by rats.

My clothes were all frilly, which really was silly

The skirts were too big for riding my filly

I found some pants that made me look thin

But I bought the wrong ones, not for her, but for him.


My most special friend was a kangaroo

Who flapped like mad whenever she flew.

I’d wind her up, put plug to socket

And then she’d jump right up like a rocket.

But I don’t want to bore – you’d like to hear more?

I’m far too modest to hog the floor.

But if listen you must, and in truth you trust

You’ll forgive me if I that truth adjust?


It’s a question of season, no rhyme, no reason

Makes no difference, if sunny or freezin’

I like to have fun when I lie in the sun

Eating fresh honey spread onto a bun.

Do I tell the truth or do I lie in the sun?

It seems that truth can be either one

‘Cos lie is a multi meaning word

It can tell you the truth or just be absurd. 

Jan Darling

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