‘Pirate Pussy’ by Ron Marsh

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There was a pirate pussy cat 

Who sailed the Spanish Main,

His ship it wore a pirate flag 

In hail,or sun or rain.

And when he caught a galleon 

As buccaneers will do,

He took up all the gems and gold 

And cast away the crew.


Then when he sailed back into port,

With his ill-gotten prize,

He threw a great big party 

with cakes and sweets and pies.


This pirate’s name was Blacky Patch,

He had white feet and tail to match.

He ruled his crew,as hard as nails,

And did not spare the nine ‘o’ tails. 


One day the King’s fine sailing ships 

Caught up with Blackie Patch.

The fired their guns while on the run,

And Blackie’s were no match.

His ship went down and all were drowned,

The pirates were dispatched.

Ron Marsh 

Ron is 79 years old and has taken up writing poetry


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