“Broomfield Park” by Katherine Gallagher

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Broomfield Park


A moorhen busies herself,

rocks this way and that

on a wave-washed nest.


Swans float in late afternoon chill,

shadows lengthen,

chestnut buds swell.


Forsythia trembles the breeze –

pastel-green willows barely move

dipping branch-tips into the lake.


Every year I wait for this –

first flowers, trees leafing

on sculpted branches,


reflecting in the water

their steadfast

cascades of green.


©Katherine Gallagher

One thought on ““Broomfield Park” by Katherine Gallagher

  1. Dear Jeanie,

    Thank you for this, and thanks for obtaining a picture of Broomfield Park with the willows. Exciting. I love it. There is another lake which feeds into the one in the picture and the swans walk across. I love swans and the black swans also.

    However, they have only white ones in Broomfield Park.

    Kind regards,


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