“Haystack” by June Perkins and Art Adventures at The Queensland Art Gallery



Look! Rats and the children run out from

their hiding places in the haystack to

dance in front of us in a merry line?

Who else do you think hides here?


Do you have a memory of haystacks or

artist’s haystacks?

(Perceval’s Angel)


Tumble down the Haystack

dreaming columns of Greece.


Tumble down the Haystack

              with childhood farming friends.

Tumble down the Haystack

              to horses and the cows.



climb up that artist’s Haystack

and tumble down again.


June Perkins (Brisbane-based poet and children’s author)



Art Adventures in the Australian Collection of the Queensland Art Gallery showing from September to November 2018


Dr June Perkins, a Brisbane based poet and children’s author, has developed an interactive journey, through the Australian Collection, through poems and micro-stories for visitors of all ages, with particular appeal for children and families: Art Adventures in the Australian Collection.  

She invites you to follow the angel, follow the feathers, follow the art.

This adventure is part of Words & Pictures, an ongoing project that invites local artists and writers to respond to artworks in the Australian Collection of the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.

Visitors to the gallery are invited to take inspiration, and use the pencils and paper provided at the stations to create their own response through drawing or writing.

There are 12 pieces in all. Haystack, was inspired by William Delafield Cook, A Haystack.

Perceval’s Angel is a character who takes the children on an adventure into the art gallery and so is often quoted.

From September – to November, this link will lead you to the poems and the art if you can’t make it there in person to visit the adventure.  


A slide show preview can be found here https://ripplepoetry.wordpress.com/2018/09/02/wordsandpictures/


Image: William Delafield Cook A haystack 1982,

Courtesy of the Queensland Art Gallery


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