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Beware my Aunt! I’ve made a sign

To warn off friend and stranger,

“Committed Chocaholic!

Your chockies are IN DANGER!”

Whenever I hear her coming

I hide my chocolate bars,

The Milk Ways and Crumbles,

Snickers, Picnics, and the Mars.


I’ve buried them in casseroles

And bags of brussel sprouts,

But her nose is like a bloodhound’s

She always sniffs them out!


I hid them down the backyard

Amidst the potted flowers.

Ants found them before Aunty,

De-anting took us hours!


I hid them in a secret spot,

The best place I could find.

Trouble is I can’t remember where,

And that I really  mind!


Now Aunty’s come to help me

Find out just where they are.

Her payment for detective work?

Of course, a chocolate bar!


S’pose eating chocolate’s better

When you don’t eat it alone.

Chocolate Hunts ARE fun with Aunty

But I wish she’d bring her own!



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