“Lyle the Lemon” by Lynelle Kendall


Lyle the Lemon


Lyle the lemon turned eleven,

Time to celebrate!

He planned a party with his friends

His Mum said, “Just ask eight.”


Who would he ask? How would he choose?

The job was hard, for sure,

He thought he’d ask the apple twins

They’d make a solid core.


Gus Grapes – he was a bunch of fun

And Orange, always bright

Watermelon, kind and sweet

Three more left to invite.


Lyle stopped to think, he scratched his peel

Oh yes! His best friend Lime

They’d play some games and do the twist

And have a brilliant time.


Two left to join Lyle’s fruity crew

Two left to share his day.

Banana, she can do the splits

And shake things up. Hooray!


Mum asks, “How many have you got?”

Lyle counts and says, “just seven.”

“That’s find,” says Mum, “I’ll help you out,”

“You must ask cousin Kevin.”


“Oh yeah, thanks Mum. Well now I’m done.”

He wrote out ‘Kiwi Kevin,’

And that’s who came to celebrate

When Lyle turned eleven.


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