“The Thing-a-me-bunyaroo” by Stephanie Boase

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The Thing-a-me-bunyaroo

The Thing-a-me-bunyaroo

Is a very strange creature, it’s true!

He’s as tall as a man

And stout as a ram

With a long, shaggy coat of blue.

The Thing-a-me-bunyaroo

Loves to find nuts to chew.

His teeth are as strong

As the river is long

But he also loves apple stew.

The Thing-a-me-bunyaroo

Has been seen by very few.

He hides in the billabong by day

And then comes happily out to play

At night, amongst the dew.

The Thing-a-me-bunyaroo;

Where to find him? I haven’t a clue!

I’d like to meet him just for fun,

Play ‘Hide and Seek’ or ‘Tag and Run’

With the Thing-a-me-bunyaroo…  Wouldn’t you?

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