“Leaving home” by Jenny Erlanger

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Leaving home


I think I’ll leave home

‘cause just lately I’ve found

that with all that I do

I am never around.

There’s Drama on Mondays

from six until eight

and it’s not long to bed

when I get home so late.

On Tuesdays there’s tennis,

an hour long session

and Wednesdays are saved

for the Yamaha lesson.

Evenings on Thursdays

are always the same.

I train with my team

for the next footy game.

On Fridays it’s swimming,

I’m off to the pool

and for hours in between

I’m just sitting at school.

So, I’m hardly at home,

no, I’m never about.

I may as well pack up my things…

and move out!



First published in “Giggles and Niggles” (Haddington Press, 2007)

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