“Mirror Image” by JR Poulter with Teacher Notes


Mirror Image.

Looking in the mirror,
What do I see?
A very magnificent
Image of me!

Do others see me
Just like that,
Or do they see
A ginger cat?

I wish folk looked
Beyond the fur,
The very gentle
Kitty purr,

And see
The lionheart In me,
The part my human
Always sees!

Beauty and bravery are much more than skin deep!
The poem encourages us not to be too quick to judge others, but to get to know them and appreciate the qualities that make them unique.
The people who love us are generally the ones who see our best qualities and try to help us develop them the more.

Write a list of things that might not look particularly attractive but which have qualities we might really appreciate. Example – cocoa bean which is used to make chocolate.

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