“Ladybird” by Andrew Carter


Lady Bird Ladybird, you look so special swish

Floating downstream on a green slender reed

Ants cannot attack you you sit as flat as a dish

Riding a green rush – to a family of mouths to feed


So hip, so cool, you are resplendent

Coloured red with dark polka dots

Yes you, you are fiercely independent

Seven colourful joys, joyous black spots


Now your babies are calling-out, out from under logs

They’ve eaten their fill of aphids and scale

Surrounded by dragonflies, spiders and frogs

No time to drown, no time to tire, no time at all to fail


You’re on your way with a mighty display

Your colouring to them is bad taste

Scarlet red and dotty spotty spots, say

They better leave your babies post haste



2 thoughts on ““Ladybird” by Andrew Carter

    • Thanks Mia, they are beautiful little insects and a welcome sight in the garden. I was a bit slow with techno and have noticed a few comments on my posts that I didn’t notice until backtracking through them just now.

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