“2019 Year of the Pig” by Robyn Youl

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A lunar year

Puts the earth in the centre

Measures time

As the moon goes round

Different way of thinking

Chinese New Year


The Fifth Day of February.


Chinese Jade Emperor 

Organised a race

First to reach the Celestial Palace 

Would be first to guard

The Heavenly Gate 


Twelve animals had a river to cross.

Rat said to Ox

You do the swimming

I’ll sit on your ear

Just to be sure the way is clear.


Rat cheated.

Won first place

Generous Ox did not mind at all


Tiger and Rabbit tried hard to win

Tiger beat Rabbit for Third


Dragon was fifth.

Jade Emperor said: Where is your son?

Snake replied: I’m the one.

Snake was sixth


Horse and Goat arrived together

Horse was Seventh.

Goat was Eighth


Monkey came leaping in

To be Ninth

What a racket.

What a din!!!


Rooster was next.

Dog and Pig

Got distracted on the way

A Celestial Race

Was a time to play

Dog was Eleventh

Pig was Last.


Twelve Zodiacs

In a twelve year cycle

Born in 


You will really dig


Another Year of the Pig


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