“CHOC -A-LOT” by J. R. Poulter




Flavour number 1


I have a confession. I am a confirmed chocaholic! This is how it all started…


The Chocolate Box    J.R.Poulter 08

They all look so pretty
In glittery foil
What a terrible pity
To open and spoil….


You have one of these,
I’ll have one of those.
It’s all over my fingers.
There’s some on your nose!

I think I’ll have pink!
Did you want that one too?
That’s okay, I’ll tell you what,
We’ll chop it in two!

Pick it up and lick it up,
Runny strawberry filling!
Quick, quick, quick as sticks!
It’s oozing out and spilling….

Now it’s gone just everywhere!
What are we to do!
Come on Goggles in you come,
You’ve cleaning up to do!


[Goggles is  a male mini poodle.]




I was young and innocent then…only 4 years old…that was so long ago…

I have to say my aunt DID NOT HELP. She has the disease too. I think it must be genetic.


Flavour Number 2.




Beware my Aunt! I’ve made a sign

To warn off friend and stranger,

“Committed Chocaholic!

Your chockies are IN DANGER!”

Whenever I hear her coming

I hide my chocolate bars,

The Milk Ways and Crumbles,

Snickers, Picnics, and the Mars.


I’ve buried them in casseroles

And bags of brussel sprouts,

But her nose is like a bloodhound’s

She always sniffs them out!


I hid them down the backyard

Amidst the potted flowers.

Ants found them before Aunty,

De-anting took us hours!


I hid them in a secret spot,

The best place I could find.

Trouble is I can’t remember where,

And that I really  mind!


Now Aunt’s come here to help me

Find out just where they are.

Her payment for detective work?

Of course, a chocolate bar!


I guess eating chocolate’s better

When you don’t eat it alone.

Chocolate Hunts ARE fun with Aunty

But I wish she’d bring her own!


How was a kid to cope? My life crawled along from craving to staving, a path littered with chocky wrappers. It was hopeless. I think my aunt must have sensed how desperate I was. I think she tried to help. I hope she tried to help. Maybe what she did was well meant but….I don’t like to think about that……


This is what happened.



Flavour Number 3.



Aunty’s got a chocolate box.

She said,”Have one or two.”

I had one wrapped in bright red foil,

And then a flowery blue.


I sucked them – oh, so slowly –

They were so VERY nice!

I thought, would Aunty REALLY mind

If I had a couple – twice?


They were the most delicious things

That I had EVER had!

Surely, if I had – just – two more

Aunt could not call me bad?


Oh, SCRUMPTIOUS!  YUMPTIOUS! There were more

That I just HAD to taste!

Why – if I left them sitting there

They MUST all go to waste!


The box was looking emptyish.

The last ones left looked lonely.

I thought that it would be QUITE wrong

To leave a couple only!


And so I ate the last ones too,

But, very strange to tell,

They didn’t taste just quite so good,

And – I didn’t feel so well – .


My tummy looked about to pop!

My throat felt – kind of queer -.

My tummy started woooobelling –

I held onto the chair!


Then as I looked at the chocolate box

And wondered would I be whacked,

I remembered every gluttinous glob

And the box got its contents back -!!




Now I wont touch a chocolate,

Not a bar, a block, a bite!

I will not even look at it!

Well, – at least I wont – tonight  –


But, hey, You know what, I think? I DON’T WANT to be cured!


Flavour Number 4.


Lots and Lots of Choc-a-Lot!


I like a lick of choc-a-lot!

I like it rich and thick,

I like it in bright wrappers

In balls or cubes or sticks!


I like it milk,

I like it dark!

Its smooth as silk…

It gives me spark!


I like it icky sticky

When it melts ‘n runs ‘n goos…

I like the yummy gummy ones,

The chewier, the oohier,

With toffee on the ooze!


I like the snap and brittle ones,

I like the smudgey fudge,

The mallows and the jelloes –

And NO, I ‘m not a pudge!


I’m far too busy hiding

My store of choc delights

And trying to run from everyone

Who wants to take a bite!




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