“Wired Barbs” by Andrew Carter


Wired Barbs


A farmer exhales

warmed, wintry breath –

sights his twisted defence


Snowy River drifts

drift in against single-

strand wire, letting it in


Sunlight melts frost

on topmost wires

taut once, now – awry


Like the farmer’s frame

once tight, so straight,

today – it is maligned


Rusty, frosty memories

surface with pain –

undone by morning sun


Crops, stock – surrounded;

fenced by furnace-forged steel

now – long gone cold


Too old to play God

with beast, or crop

Too young to give in.



2 thoughts on ““Wired Barbs” by Andrew Carter

  1. Hi Louise, thank you – and my apologies for this late reply. I didn’t notice your comment until just now. It was a bit of a deep and meaningful one loosely based on self. Please keep sending your poems in. There’s a pretty good crew of poets posting to this site. It’s great reading all these other poets posts.

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