“Cumquats And Wotnots” by Diane Finlay


Did you ever

tango with a mango

or mince with a quince

peel a lychee by the sea

or kiss a ‘blue’ berry?


Can you really

make rhymes with limes

or mix melons with lemons

blow GIANT raspberries

or get stuck in a strawberry jam?


Did you ever

scare a pear

or grapple with an apple

watch peaches on beaches

or discover plums have bums?


Can you really

tie cumquats with wotnots

feed grapes to apes

put a pawpaw on a seesaw

or be mean to a nectarine?


Did you ever

can-can with a rambutan

see grapefruits in suits

take kiwi’s to Fiji

or wonder why this rhyme began?


Copyright retained by Diane


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