“YoYo” by Marque Dobrow

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I had a little yoyo,

It travelled up and down;

Courtesy of a reel of string

I twirled it round and round.


Every day I walked the dog

and journeyed round the world.

I’d create a baby’s cradle

And make loop to loops unfurl.


I’d forward pass and go over the falls

And produce a man on a trapeze.

Then hop the fence and go around the corner,

Whilst the throwdown was done with ease.


On other days I might do the sleeper,

Skin the cat and reach for the moon.

Go into a time warp or gravity pull,

And then breakaway by noon.


Where is my little yoyo now?

It still twirls round and round.

A young lad bought it at my garage sale

And took it out of town.

One thought on ““YoYo” by Marque Dobrow

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