“Writing” by Marque Dobrow

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I’m honing my craft, I’m writing new words,

Creating a poem the world hasn’t heard.

Astutely I’m thinking and taking my time

Concluding each stanza with eloquent rhyme.


I’m making a statement, declaring my voice,

Concocting a piece that will help me rejoice.

Proudly I write down these words with my pen

So that many may read them again and again.


I’m hopeful I’ll gain your attention today

As my thoughts are released in a whimsical way.

It won’t take me long to state my desire

My wrist is in motion, my dreams won’t expire.


In the morning I woke with fresh sounds in my ears

And needed to mould every noise I could hear.

Acutely aware of a wont to succeed,

Into the paper my ink had to bleed.


Each day is a chance to do something unique;

To rearrange letters and let your mind speak.

There’s nothing within here I need to defend,

With relief and contentment I welcome the end.

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