“The Sloth is Happy” by Marque Dobrow

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The Sloth is Happy

How happy is the sloth:

There is not a soul so idle.

To see him casually hang from branch

You’d think him suicidal.

How peaceful is the sloth,

His manner so content.

One tree remains his lifelong home;

For which he pays no rent.

How joyous is the sloth,

For he doesn’t have a job.

Within one tree he sleeps and eats;

The social life he snob.

The sloth remains my friend and pal,

A delightful, harmless mammal.

He has no need for a turtle’s shell,

Or the long legs of a camel.

Forever walking upside down

My sloth, you look exquisite.

If of your tree you ever tire,

I hope you’ll come and visit.

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