“Alpaca’s On Watch” by Andrew Carter

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Alpaca’s On Watch


Al Paca’s family is keen to observe

Farmer Pat’s cat, sitting undisturbed.

A quiet pussycat – without the hissing fit

Doesn’t spook alpacas – sometimes they spit.


She sits on the fence with feline finesse

Unblinking, purring, her name is Tess.

Tess watches too, so nothing’s amiss

On farmer Pat’s farm it is heavenly bliss.


Al Paca hums to keep his family calm

They respond in kind; Tess means no harm.

She sits like a queen, a creature of love

Never blinking an eye, heavens above.


Al Paca is tallest of these lookalike Llamas

He’s the father near the left in lighter pyjamas.

The fur is worth more than a culled herd for meat

Alpacas are lucrative – for fibre hard to beat.



Unlike Llamas which are larger working beasts

They’re not eaten like venison – dearest of feasts.

Alpacas weigh the same as a tasty deer

Yet Alpacas are rarely eaten, have no fear.

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