“CHILDHOOD’S END” by Margaret Pearce

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Once he was a puppy small

As cute as cute could be

Children loved him one and all

As everyone could see.


Soon he grew to adulthood

So helpful to be directed 

Guarding as a good dog should

All property as selected.


He grew old and ailing

 With childhood left behind

All love and caring paling

By dark cares of adult kind.


Neglected deaf and lame

Strayed on the railway track

Unheard the noisy train

Was death so very black?


The punctual train no outrage 

As death disposed so cleanly

Of the inconvenience of age

And incontinence so unseemly.


Guilt caused memories to awake

Returning back to when

Childhood lacked all heartbreak

And caring was easier then.



Margaret Pearce


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