“Hand in hand” by Marques Dobrow

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Washing hands is very wise

Before you eat, or rub your eyes.

A smart way to avoid infection

Without the need for sharp injections.


Put warm water in the sink;

The use of soap is wise, I think.

Bid those germs “Auf wiedersehen

As you wash them down the drain.


Underneath your fingernails

Is often where the dirt prevails.

In between your fingers too

Must be cleaned of gunk and goo.


Make the effort, take your time

To cleanse yourself of grease and grime.

When the time to stop commands,

Grab a towel and dry your hands.


Washing hands: it won’t take long;

It keeps you healthy, safe and strong.

If this task you’re undertaking,

It’s your hand I shall be shaking.

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