“The Teacher“ by Helen Katz

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She works alone upon her screen

With Leyla on her lap

Both teaching kids and counselling

Her cat content to nap.


The teacher works for hours on end

For students one and all

She sets them work and talks to them

When on a conference call.


With Leyla purring on her knee

She works upon her screen

And counsels kids who need her help

When life at home is mean.


Her students do their best for her

They know their teacher’s worth,

Her diligence and loving care

The best teacher on earth.


So soon when they are back at school

And once again a team

The days when they all worked on line

Will just seem like a dream.

Teleconference for work from home and self quarantine in COVID-19 pandemic concept. Online meeting that involved different professions with hands on laptop.

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