“Ice Floats” by Celia Berrell

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Ice Floats   by Celia Berrell

(the three states of water)


Water is exceptional.

It disobeys a rule.

Its solid form is lighter

than its liquid, which is cool!


Most elements and compounds will

behave with much more sense.

Compared with their own liquid form

their solid form’s more dense.


But put an ice-cube in a drink.

You’ll notice that it floats.

One-tenth above; nine-tenths below.

Like ice-bergs you will note.


These ice-sheets form a blanket

so the water underneath

remaining as a liquid

doesn’t freeze the fish to death.


Imagine how our world would be

if solid water sank.

The Sun could hardly melt it

which would be a deadly prank.


As years went by the ice would fill

the oceans to the top

and life as we all know it

would eventually stop.


Ice-cubes in a drink would sink

and only cool the bottom.

Snowflakes might not form at all!

A thought that’s really rotten.


We owe our life in part to

water’s scientific token,

that rare occasions will exist

where rules are better broken!


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