“Covid Second Wave Victoria” by Toni Newell


Thinking of our poets in Victoria.

Keep Safe.




It’s only been a week,

Second time around,

Thought it might be easier,

But it wasn’t found.

Adrenaline has gone,

We’ve just settled in,

Now resigned to it,

And the discipline.

Life is so restricted,

Activities are few,

Going for a walk,

A little shopping too.

The rest of the time,

A prisoner at home,

But it’s not that bad,

If you are not alone.

No visitors allowed,

That is the decree,

And that’s okay,

If you’re with family.

It’s very hard for those,

Who do it on their own,

No one around them,

Sitting at home alone.

They too need support,

A little company, 

And in these current times,

A little sympathy.


For those less fortunate,

Being on their own,

Let’s help them to survive,

And be there on the phone.

5 thoughts on ““Covid Second Wave Victoria” by Toni Newell

  1. Toni, you’re a sweetheart and you write beautifully. You have captured all the important aspects of this trying time with apparent ease and great skill. Your work is a joy to read. Thank you.

  2. Thank you Celia for your lovely comment. Stay safe, wherever you are. As they say ‘we are all in it together’ .

  3. Thank you so much Jan and Louise, I really appreciate your comments and support. Keep safe and if you are in lock down enjoy the extra time to write.

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