“Henry, the Red Mazda” by Toni Newell


Once upon a time in a used car yard,

There was a Mazda named Henry,

His duco was bright red,

Which bore several scars 

Incurred by previous owners.

Henry was sad because

He’d been there for several months,

And had lost many friends over time.

Two silver Nissans were parked on either side,

One was called Fred and the other Mary,

Henry had made their acquaintance,

He seemed to get on with them well,

His only fear, that they too would leave.

Henry desperately wanted to find a new home

With a family who’d love and care for him.

Every morning he would wake up

With the hope he would be the chosen one,

Every night he’d fall asleep disappointed.

This particular morning, Henry spotted

A nice young couple approaching the yard,

He honked his horn in order to get their attention,

“You know you’re not allowed to do that,” said Fred

But Mary said, “It’s alright Fred, they’ll see us too,

Who would you choose if it was you? 

A red car with scratches or a car almost new?”

Henry’s eyes lowered; he knew it was true.

The couple ventured over and looked at Mary,

Then bypassed Henry to inspect Fred,

But much to Mary and Fred’s extreme dread,

They paused at Henry whose duco was red.

They stroked his panels and tapped his bonnet,

This little Mazda was within their budget.

Half an hour later they appeared again,

With a smile on their face and keys in a hand,

Henry was so happy he could hardly contain,

The excitement he felt to be owned once again.

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