Poem of the Day


Blown Away

by Nadine Cranenburgh


I’ll tell you where I’ve been

I don’t think you’ll believe it

It started with a leaf

And me running to retrieve it


It fluttered through the rain

And over lots of puddles

So when I caught it up

I was soaked and in a muddle


It settled down at last

Upon a rotten jetty

I reached for it with hands

That were colder than a Yeti’s


That leaf was almost mine

I stretched out with a sigh

But then it blew away

To a dingy tied nearby


A sudden gale-force gust

Sent us sailing through the ocean

I clung on like a limpet

Feeling seasick from the motion


The wind dropped, I was lost

With no clue of north or south

Right then the leaf bobbed gently

Through a great whale’s gaping mouth


Surprisingly I followed

What else was there to do?

But leaves give whales an itchy throat

So skywards we both flew


I splashed into the sea

And heard a rotor spinning

A helicopter scooped

Another ride beginning!


I madly treaded water

Determined not to drown

We flew above a fire

And the helo tipped us down


I landed fairly softly

Upon a smoky shore

Close by the burned-out jetty

Where the dingy was before


A seagull grabbed the leaf

Flapped through the ashes squawking

My leaf was gone for good

So back home I started walking


That’s why I’m late for tea

It’s true, just like I said

What’s this, a leafy salad?

I might just go to bed.