Poetry Prompt #47

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There are blue skies and sunshine here in Western Australia today so what better word to use to inspire your creativity? Thank you to all the wonderful poets submitting regularly to this site. Your contributions are much appreciated. Please keep them coming. I love reading your work and sharing it with our growing list of followers.

Send your poems to me at traffa-m@bigpond.net.au as a Word or text document attachment and add a few lines about your writing process.

Happy writing!


Poem of the Day


What the Smoke Says


This smoke floats

With light airy whispers:


‘Roast potatoes,

‘Billy tea,

‘Fun by the sea.’

It points to the sweetest one

Points at me.


This smoke floats

Heavy and dark,

It billows and bellows:

‘Crisped leaves

‘And crimson sun

‘Embers are falling,

‘Fire is burning,

‘I’m your alarm,’

It points with the wind,

Says: ‘Time to flee.’

Jessica Nelson
  • Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #44
poetry-prompt-44Jessica said: I live on a bush property, so smoke always brings to mind either campfires or bushfires. I based this poem on my thoughts about the different messages smoke can give us.