“Six Geese A Laying” By Kylie Covark


Six Geese A Laying


Have you ever come across a goose who’s laid a nest of eggs?

I’ll tell you now you’d better hope you brought your running legs.

That goose will make a honking sound as loud as she can blast,

Then chase you far away from them; so furious and fast.

So it was hard to work out what my new true love was saying,

When he handed me a box containing six grey geese a laying.

It’s not a bit romantic, or thoughtful, sweet or fun,

To give someone a Christmas gift and then to scream out,


“Watermelon Boy” by Kylie Covark

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Watermelon Boy


One time I saw a kid on telly

Eating watermelon;

The pink bit and the skin.

I wondered how

He managed it,

How did he fit it in?

How did his teeth

Get through the green.

So thick and hard and tough?

Surely the yummy,

juicy guts inside it

Were enough?

But nope,

This kid kept eating.

Both the green bit and the pink.

Then he looked straight at the camera,

And he gave

A cheeky wink.

“Baby Shark Remix” by Kylie Covark

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Baby Shark Remix 


Baby shark,

Do do do do do do.

Baby shark,

Do do do do do do.

Baby shark,

Do do do do do do.

Baby shark!


Watch that net,

Do do do do do do.

Watch that net,

Do do do do do do.

Watch that net,

Do do do do do do.

Watch that net!


Swim away,

Do do do do do do.

Swim away,

Do do do do do do.

Swim away,

Do do do do do do.

Swim away!


Back to Mum,

Do do do do do do.

Back to Mum,

Do do do do do do.

Back to Mum,

Do do do do do do.

Back to Mum!


Never safe,

Do do do do do do.

Never safe,

Do do do do do do.

Never safe,

Do do do do do do.

Never safe!


It’s your home,

Do do do do do do.

It’s your home,

Do do do do do do.

It’s your home,

Do do do do do do.

It’s your home!

“The Fruit Has Gone Bananas” by Kylie Covark

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Mum has lost one hat,

two gloves,

one skirt and

one red shoe,

One blue blouse,

one yellow scarf,

and purple glasses too.

She’s blaming me,

Of course,

Although I’m always

In pyjamas.

The truth is

It’s the naughty fruit;

They’ve really gone


‘Moon in the daytime’ by Kylie Covark


Moon in the Daytime

Oh moon, dear moon, it’s nearly noon,

I hope you disappear real soon.

It’s not that I don’t like your face,

But you should be some other place.

You’re really messing with my head,

Perhaps I’ll just go back to bed

‘The ostrich and the elephant’ by Kylie Covark

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The Ostrich and the Elephant

Since once upon a time, or perhaps even before,

The Ostrich and the Elephant had always been at war.

Whenever there was any fruit that children couldn’t reach,

The Elephant would use his trunk to pick a piece for each.

But Ostrich told them not to use that unhygienic hose.

“Oh! Don’t eat that! It has been picked by someone else’s nose!

My neck is long and agile, and so I will fetch your fruit.

You children shouldn’t socialise with such an oafish brute.”


In Madame Panther’s Day School, which was of highest repute,

The children studied hard to find the cause of this dispute.

But no one had the answer as to what had caused the feud.

Or could explain why two fine chaps would be so very rude.


Wise Queen Nefertiti – the very first zebra to reign –

Called a special meeting for the leaders of the plain.

“We must act,” the Queen began, “this nonsense has to end.

A golden chest for anyone who changes foe to friend.”

The animals all spoke at once: “It simply can’t be done.

That golden prize is priceless, but that price is too hard won.”


Then a silent, sleepy sloth opened up one eye,

“Tell those two that I would like a pillow from the sky.”

“Who is this clown?” The Lion roared, “he only thinks of sleep!”

But Nefertiti turned to him and urged the Sloth to speak.

“The Ostrich and the Elephant are stubborn, tough, and proud.

So, let us send them on a quest to pluck me down a cloud.

Of course, they can’t complete the task. I don’t care what they bring.

To weave a web of friendship, it’s the journey that’s the thing.”


Nefertiti thought awhile then she nodded her assent.

She wrote down the instructions and the royal decree was sent.

Two cheetah cubs then took the scrolls as fast as they could run.

They scorched across savannah sands beneath the midday sun.


The Ostrich grabbed a fishing net. The Elephant, a jar.

They planned to climb a mountain, though it did look kind of far.

They collected their provisions and started on their way,

They walked and talked and talked and walked throughout a night and day.


When they came upon the summit the whole world was in view.

Below them stretched out everything. But here it was just two.


And with sudden intuition, perhaps some magic too,

The Ostrich and the Elephant knew what they had to do.

The secret of their sorcery the world will never know,

But they came back arm in arm with a fluffy cloud in tow.


They went to Nefertiti and they both politely bowed,

Then presented to the Sloth his new pillow made of cloud.

The Sloth could not stop smiling; sleep was his greatest pleasure. 

He told the Queen she could keep the gold chest full of treasure.


The unexpected afternoon had left the Queen quite stunned.

But she declared the gold would make a brand-new friendship fund.

“To foster fragile friendships,” was the fund’s stated intent;

The Ostrich and the Elephant would choose how it was spent.


And so once upon a time they invited every beast

To the most majestic party; the Ostri-phanto Feast! 

Spotlight on Kylie Covark


About Kylie:

Poetry puts a happy hum in my heart. My plan for 2018 is to encourage as many people as I can to find the poetry in their lives. I will continue sharing poetry for children here, and for their mums and dads on my social media accounts @picklesandpords. Thanks for reading!

A Perfect Place to Sleep

Regarding you with such disdain

From on his throne 

Of throw rugs that are

His alone,

He wonders if you’ll

Dare suggest

He moves an inch so 

You can rest.

He shows a claw 

Of warning;

This is his spot 

Until morning.

He is comfy and 

What’s more

There is room there

On the floor.

You sigh and moan

A bit

Then reluctantly

You sit,

And perhaps you’re

Going mad

But the floor is 

Not so bad.

You might even 

Take a nap.

But what’s this? 

He’s in your lap.

He purrs. Pleased

With his leap.

What a perfect

Place to sleep.