“Sorry Little Star” by Kylie Covark


Sorry Little Star


Twinkle twinkle little star,

Do you wonder who we are

Who shoot our rubbish into space?

Such horrors are the human race!

Twinkle twinkle little star,

Please forgive us from afar


‘A Special Place’ by Kylie Covark


I’ve got a special place that’s just for me

Where trees soar high and treasures hide in caves.

Where the sun goes to sleep far out at sea

Beneath the waves.

Where colourful birds brighten up the sky,

And paint the world with rainbows as they fly.


I’ve got a special place that’s just for me

Where other people help to fill my cup.

Where people can be who they want to be

​When they grow up.

Where everyone can always speak their mind,

And people value others who are kind.


I’ve got a special place that’s just for me

Where I am safe with friends around who care.

A country where we’re lucky to be free

​And we can share.

There’s room for new friends in this country too;

I’ve saved a special place right here for you.

Don’t Let the Chickens Do Your Homework

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Don’t Let the Chickens Do Your Homework


Rosie Fields and Ruby Brooks

were capable and clever chooks.

When the friendly household boys

took them shiny chicken toys,

the ladies clucked, “We’d rather books!”


Those boys called Simon, Steve, and Stan,

came up with a crafty plan:

“The weather is so fresh and cool,

the chooks could do our work from school.

We’ll jump in puddles while we can.”


They brought their books out to the hens

and gave them paper pads and pens.

They jumped in boots of brightest red

while chickens did their maths instead…

But chooks don’t know their twos from tens.


They put their teacher in a spin

when they turned those answers in.

“Scritch scratch squawk

and bok bwok bwuawk.”

She tossed it all straight in the bin.

Kylie  Covark 

“Surprise Egg” and “Easter”

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Surprise Egg


Scritch scritch!

Scratch scratch!

This little egg’s about to hatch!

Quack quack!

Duck duck!

She’s made of chocolate!

What sweet luck!


Kylie Covark


I cross the road to Molly’s farm.

There is a sign nailed to a post:

Eggs for sale.

I buy a dozen.

I hear a rooster crow.

On the way home I trip and fall.

One egg is cracked and broken,

The others are saved.

On Sunday we celebrate Easter;

Soft boiled eggs for breakfast.

I see the Easter bunny has visited too!

Dark chocolate is my passion.

Life is good.

By Louise McCarthy





PS: Prompt is in Tuesday this week


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POEM: Kylie Covark

Teacher Notes: Jeanie Axton

This poem is a wonderful opportunity to introduce the language of poetry to your class. When you read the poem to the students get them to point out the words that create feeling. Then to extend the class list possible alternative words in this poem.

Acrostics are a simple way to introduce a unit of work on poetry. I have found students find them easy enough to write. An idea is to start with their name and then each letter is a self descriptor. For example: SAM




The good copy of these poems with a photo or illustration could be made into a class book for students to reread during the year.

Have fun.