“In My Heart” by Kylie Covark


In My Heart


There’s a thank you in my heart

That’s big enough to burst apart,

And bright enough to dim the stars,

And loud enough to hear from Mars,

And grand enough to meet a king,

And sweet enough for birds to sing.

There’s a thank you in my heart

So big, in fact, it’s off the chart.

But for those who risk it all,

My thank you still seems much too small.

“Christmas Patience” by Kylie Covark

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Over in the corner,

Underneath the tree,

There’s a shiny silver present

That is wrapped up just for me.


It’s been teasing me and taunting

For almost one whole week.

I’ll unpick a tiny corner,

And I’ll take a tiny peek.


The sticky tape is tricky,

So, I’ll rip a little more.

Then I’ll put it back right after

Just the way it was before.


Oh no! I’ve pulled too hard!

Silver paper’s on the floor!

My present is exposed

And my mum is at the door!


She’ll be super-duper angry!

And Santa will be too!

He’ll put me on the bad list –

Although it isn’t true…


I really am a good kid;

My Nan says I’m a joy!

I only wanted one small peek

At my new Christmas toy.


My only hope right now

Is to hide behind this chair.

If I stay completely still,

Then my mum won’t know I’m there.


She steps into the room,

And she cries out, ‘You’re so silly!’

I think that I’ve been caught,

But she’s staring straight at Mille!


Patience is a virtue?

I don’t agree with that.

Check all your presents early

And then blame it on the cat!

”Reading Is My Secret Power” by Kylie Covark


Reading Is My Secret Power



I’ve got special powers!

Do you promise not to tell?

My powers are a secret;

Lean in and listen well.

I can open any door,

And answer any, ‘Why?’

I can travel back

In time and space,

And sometimes even fly.

I’ve got every super power

That a kid could ever need.

And you can have them too,

My friend,

If you just sit and read

“Tragedy at Circus Flea” By Kylie Covark


Nanna Sue is training fleas,

She feeds them piles of buttered peas,

They jump through hoops

And swing trapeze,

Performing with such skill and ease.

But look out please, my darling fleas!

Brace your elbows!

Lock your knees!

Your circus trainer’s going to sneeze;

A devastating Nanna breeze!

We weep and wail at times like these.

Such sudden, strange catastrophes.

”Easter Bilby” by Kylie Covark


Easter Bilby


Dad says that he’ll tell

The Easter Bunny

I’ve been good.

As long as I do

All the things that Mother

Says I should.

But being good

Is not always

As easy as it seems.

There’s always other

Plans to hatch;

There’s plots,

And tricks,

And schemes.

I’d rather make

Some mischief

Than waste time

To make my bed,

So this year

I’ll send my order

To my bilby mate



“The Cup” by Kylie Covark


The Cup


The cup was gold and gleaming,

It shimmered in the sun,

It called to us along the line

As we were poised to run.

The starter called, ‘Get ready!’

The starter called, ‘Get set!’

Our hearts were pounding loudly,

Our hands were sleek with sweat.

And when we heard the cry of ‘Go!’

We sprang off in a burst,

We ran until our muscles ached,

All striving to be first.

And when the race was over,

There were no pouts or tears,

The cup went to the winner

And we each gave her three cheers.

But don’t think I don’t want it.

I’m never giving up.

I’ll train till I’m the fastest,

Then I’ll win that golden cup.

“Six Geese A Laying” By Kylie Covark


Six Geese A Laying


Have you ever come across a goose who’s laid a nest of eggs?

I’ll tell you now you’d better hope you brought your running legs.

That goose will make a honking sound as loud as she can blast,

Then chase you far away from them; so furious and fast.

So it was hard to work out what my new true love was saying,

When he handed me a box containing six grey geese a laying.

It’s not a bit romantic, or thoughtful, sweet or fun,

To give someone a Christmas gift and then to scream out,


“Watermelon Boy” by Kylie Covark

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Watermelon Boy


One time I saw a kid on telly

Eating watermelon;

The pink bit and the skin.

I wondered how

He managed it,

How did he fit it in?

How did his teeth

Get through the green.

So thick and hard and tough?

Surely the yummy,

juicy guts inside it

Were enough?

But nope,

This kid kept eating.

Both the green bit and the pink.

Then he looked straight at the camera,

And he gave

A cheeky wink.