“Spring” by Margaret Brazzale

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The birds that  graced my garden through Winter’s cold

Now, melodically, spend their time

Calling for a mate among their kind

Or inspecting nest sites new and old.

Thus, has Spring’s renewal unfurled

In my small corner of the world.


                                                            Margaret Brazzale

“Satin Bower Birds” By Margaret Brazzale

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Satin Bower Birds arrive in south eastern Victoria at the beginning of Autumn. They are attractive birds with brown and green feathers and a pattern like fish scales on their breast. The male bird, however, is a shiny, satin like blue-black.    The male is very elusive, seen only occasionally flitting through the under storey. He spends the entire winter building and decorating his bower with found, or stolen, blue or shiny objects.


In the Autumn they arrive,

Resplendent in browns and green

But the elusive male will shyly hide

In his shining blue sateen.

A secretive bird, he’ll spend the hours

Titivating the bridal bower

With treasures stolen – or maybe found –

He’ll decorate the ground around.

When the bower – having reached perfection,

Is to the females satisfaction

They will all depart –

Leaving the bower to fall apart.

When the days shorten and the fogs roll in,

The birds will return and begin again.