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Super Sam

by Ron Barton

Silly Sammy couldn’t sleep,

try though he might.

He thought that there were monsters lurking

in the dark of night.


His dad had tried ‘most everything

to alleviate Sam’s fear;

he’d sprayed the place with monster spray

and checked the room was clear


but Sammy would still cry out

every now and then

and force his dad to search and spray

and check his room again.


There were no monsters, that’s for sure,

but Sammy couldn’t see

that things you look at in the dark

aren’t what they appear to be.


Shadows cast upon the wall

can make simple things look bad

and, so, it’s understandable

Sam sometimes calls for dad.


Plus, houses make a lot of noise

in the cooling night-time air

so it’s easy to imagine things

that aren’t actually there.


This brings us back to Sammy

who was still restless in his bed,

scared of monsters in his room

that were really in his head.


Then Sammy’s dad had an idea,

he knew just what to do.

Sammy loves his superheroes

– what if he could be one too?


He bought Sammy a special costume

for him to wear to bed;

no longer Silly Sammy

he was Super Sam instead.


There was no need to be afraid

of things like monsters now.

If Sammy ever caught one

he’d unleash a big KAPOW!