Poem of the Day



Way up north where the orchids grow, where the coconut palms sway to and fro,

There’s a croc! Beside a rock! And he’s looking for something to eat!

Way up north where the rainforests grow, where the stars at night are all aglow,

There’s a crocodile with a smarmy smile and he’s hunting for a tasty treat!

Way up north where the sea winds blow and the pace of life is lovely and slow,

There’s a scaly beast looking for a feast, not that you’d ever know.

For he lurks in the creek and he takes a peek, but he never makes a sound.

He’ll quietly seek (he’s such a sneak) whatever meal can be found.

And all you can see if you look carefully are his watchful yellow eyes.

He’s disguised you see as a gnarled old tree as under the water he lies.

Down for drink, not stopping to think, here comes his hapless prey,

Right on the brink as its feet start to sink and it can’t keep this monster at bay.

As the prey takes the plunge, there’s an almighty lunge and the croc has his lunch for the day

And he smirks for he knows that as meal-seeking goes, there’s nothing like takeaway!


Ann Budden